The club premises

Our club situates at the bank of river "Kazali", having a vast land of 30 bigha beside the river bank. The river water is very clear & pollution free, being a branch of nearby river Meghna.

There are beach chairs under the beach umbrella near the water wave. A restaurant over the river is cataring the need of fo the guest, which remains open upto 8 pm for facilitating the guest to enjoy the night ambience on the river "Kajali'. The prmises is lighted in night.

We are very near to Dhaka.Only 45 minutes drive from Jatrabari to reach Meghna Village amusement center.

Wanna enjoy boat ride on the open river ?


heartSpeed Boat Rental

heartFamily Cruz Boat Rental

heartGroup River Cruzing

😜  ফ্লাইং বোটে আকাশে উড়া

heartFamily entertainment


heartOpen River Swiming & Bathing

How to get there

We are at 30th km at the Dhaka end on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway,1 km after the Meghna Bridge, only 45 minutes drive from Jatrabari through newly constructed 8 lane highwayfollowing Google map or street view.

          To go from Dhaka 😍 

Avail Mayor Hanif Flyover to reach Zatrabari- proceed straight to Kanchpur -cross the Kanchpur Bridge-straight to Sonargaon (Mograpar) - cross it and straight to Meghna Bridge-cross it -after one kilometer come to Meghna Village Holiday resort area. Here we are. 

There is Bus service of Borak & co. from Gulistan to reach Meghna Ghat and then to come through human hauler.

Make a Call 01732075750 ( Mr.Suruj ) or 01748176392 ( Mr.Masud )

We offer first time in Bangladesh (1) Sky riding Flying Boat. (2) Speed Boat of different sizes for short ride and family cruz of long ride. (3)  Paddle Boats.(4) Water Tri-Cycle.(5) Kayak .(6) Country boat.(7)House Boat. (8)Open river bathing & diving .(9)Water front Restaurant on the river.There is no other single boat club around Dhaka offering both river Cruz and river amusements excepting Meghna Village Boat Club.

Water Tri-Cycle.We have two  3 seater Tri-cycle.মাত্র ৩০.০০ টাকায় ১০ মিনিট উপভোগ। একত্রে  ৩ জন।

We will shortly also provide water sporting on open river,skuba diving, Jet skee, etc.


Enjoy swiming and amaging bathing FREE in the open river water, while you rent a cottage in our Holiday Resort for day long stay.

Visit for cottage booking details

Swiming in the open river is safe & secured.

The Flying Boat

This is the Flying Boat.   It fly's  directly to the sky from river bed.    One pilot drive the kite with one passenger. Charge is tk.1500.00 per 10 minutes (The service is suspended for the time being)

Our 6/9/14 seater Speed Boat fleet always ready for service.

Our Speed Boat fleet with 40/60/75 HP engine and 6/9/14 passenger capacity.

We have  new Speed Boat of different size with out-board engin having capacity of 6/10/16 perons.

Rent per 6 person boat per hour tk.3000.00 with operator.

Rent per 10 person boat per hour tk.3500.00 with operator.

Rent per 16 person boat per hour tk. 4000,00 with operator.Half hour ride is 50% less from 1hour ride.

But if you ride the boat for short cruz than pay only tk.75.00 per 5 minutes  and enjoy the ride with other passengers.

Our 6 seater Boat with 40 HP enginengin.Rate of rent is tk.3000.00/hour.

Our 10 seater Speed Boat.  সম্পুন্য বোট প্রতি ঘনটা রেট 3500.00 টাকা, ড্রাইভার ও ফুয়েল সহ।

Our 14 seater Speed Boat.  এই বোট ঘনটায়  ৫০ মাইল পথ অতিক্রম করতে পারে।আপনার পারিবারিক আনন্দ  বিনোদন কিংবা যে কোন প্রয়োজনে ভারা নিতে পারেন.Rate of rent tk.4000.00/hour.

Our "Kayak" is in operation by a guest

Our "Kayak" is in operation

Its amazing to ride a kayak.First time in Bangladesh only available at our boat club only.

আমাদের ৩ সিটার ওয়াটার ট্রাই-সাইকেল। মাত্র ৩০.০০ টাকায় প্রতিজন- একত্রে তিনজন।


Its thrilling to ride cycle on water.Enjoy it at our club.

Our country boat can also be hired for  self riding in the river@ tk.30.00

আমাদের টার্মিনাল ম্যানেজার. আপনার সেবায় নিয়োজিত

The safety measures.

While in the club you will be given life jacket to were before boarding any speed boat or river ride.

We have watch tower with life guard watching all the guest riding any boat,for any emergency.

We supply floating tube and life bouya ready for use.

We are open 9 am-5 pm 7 days a week.The boat club is an extension of   "Meghna Village Holiday Resort".For any reserve service please contact our manager Mr. Moniruzzaman Suruj @                  01732075750

Thanks for visiting us.we love to see you here to enjoy river amusement, though we are under construction.